Sports Spectrum has a new, innovative offer that makes our magazine easier to share than ever before! Through digital licensing, you now have the opportunity to share sports and faith with your youth groups, Vacation Bible Schools, sports ministries, congregations and more. Here's how it works:

  1. 1. Purchase a digital license which allows online access to Sports Spectrum.

  2. 2. A unique code will be issued to the buyer and its members.

  3. 3. Access the code by entering it in the "Redeem Code" box.

Basic Package

For 39¢ per person, for up to 300 people, a buyer can own the digital license package, which is valued at $99.95

  1. -For up to 300 people
  2. -As little as 39¢ per person
  3. -12 Issues per year (accessible on your computer, iPad, tablet, iPhone and Android)

Pro Package

For 10¢ per person a buyer will have unlimited access to the digital license package, which has no limit on the amount of people who can use it. Available to 301 or more people and valued at $249.95, this package includes 2,500 trading cards that display individual license numbers as well as instructions on how to use it. The trading cards are a great tangible promotional tool.

  1. -For more than 300 people (no limit on the number of people who can use it).
  2. -Can be as little as 1¢ per person
  3. -Includes 2,500 trading cards that display individual license numbers and instructions (the cards are a great, tangible promotion tool).
  4. -Great for college and high school athletic departments, youth leaders and other organizations looking to encourage and reach others.
  5. -A more affordable option compared to the printed magazine.

Sample Trading Card

Sample Trading Card


How long is the subscription?
1 year.

How long would it take to send the trading cards?
2 weeks from the day they are ordered.

Would the people that I give the code to be marketed to from SS?
No the only e-mail that is on file is the purchaser of the code.

How many groups can use the code?
One group, one code.

Can you print the trading cards on-line?
No, we have to send them to you.

Can we have our personal website information printed on the card?

Each Digital License will automatically renew unless requested not to. Each year, when the license renews, the purchaser will receive the 2500 trade-in cards. The benefit is that by having the automatic renewal, there is no lapse for the recipient.

For more information, email us at or call toll-free 1-866-821-2971

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