Summer 2024

Former Heisman candidate thanks God for career-ending injury

South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore was one of the best running backs in college football, but a career-ending knee injury took that all away. Yet, what most people would have nightmares about, Lattimore looks back on as a blessing. If he could travel back in time, he’d take the injury again — he thanks God for it.

“Life is a little bit more enjoyable now because of what I’ve been through,” Lattimore said in an interview with ESPN. “… I wouldn’t change a thing that happened — put those knee injuries back in my life. I’m such a better person, overall. I’m wiser and I’m grateful for every single day that I get out of bed and I can walk, and I can run if I want to. The little things, they matter a little bit more than they did in the past.”

To read the full story, “The rise, and fall, and rise again of Marcus Lattimore” from ESPN, click HERE. Following his injury, Lattimore started the Marcus Lattimore Foundation, traveling around and teaching youth developmental programs that emphasize Christian values and beliefs.