Spring 2023 magazine

Video of the Week: Pro Bowl WR finds clarity through Christ (The Increase Stories)

On a flight from Denver to Atlanta, Brandon Marshall, now-wide receiver for the New York Jets, pulled out his Bible and began to read.

Seeing this, the lady seated next to Marshall questioned him about his Christian faith. She noticed hesitation in his voice and responded with one simple piece of advice.

“Pray for clarity.”

Although he didn’t know it at the time, that simple suggestion would prove to be foundational in Marshall’s next four years of life.

In the video from The Increase Stories (featured above), Marshall discusses how he strayed away from his Christianity and the consequences that had on his marriage and life in general. He grew bitter toward his wife, Michi, and refused to attend church with her — holding on to his own selfishness.

In 2011, Brandon and Michi decided to separate — leaving Brandon to search for his true purpose in life. Realizing his need for help, Brandon admitted himself into a treatment program at McClean Hospital near Boston.

“And through his own personal darkness, a light was beginning to shine,” the video says.

“I took something up there to Boston…that I don’t think anyone else in those groups took with them,” Marshall said. “And that was Jesus Christ. Every single day, every single night, I got on my knees. I just begged God to give me clarity — the same prayer.”

God began to give him that clarity, and Jesus Christ began to transform his life.

For the full story, WATCH the video above. To view more testimonies of faith from professional athletes, click HERE to view The Increase Stories’ YouTube page. Marshall is entering his second season in New York with the Jets, where he tallied more than 1,500 yards in 2015.