Fall 2022

Increase Story of the Week: Matt Carpenter

Baseball was one of those things that came easily to Matt Carpenter. A standout All-American infielder in high school, he imagined dominating his years in collegiate baseball before getting signed by a major league team upon graduation.

Instead, he sustained injuries and underwent Tommy John surgery that crippled his abilities, and threatened his future playing career. He watched from the sidelines, discouraged and out-of-shape, as his fellow players were drafted and signed.

Determined to make changes in his life, he began reading God’s Word and attending church. Carpenter thought that his renewed relationship with God would improve his performance, but was distraught when he made no progress. He finally surrendered to God. His senior season went well, and though he assumed be had played his last game of baseball by the end of the year, he was actually Ok with it.

Watch what happened when Carpenter relinquished control of his life and career to God.

“The game of baseball I have no control over. The game of life I have no control over. All I have is my faith. If you’re looking for some solid ground, or some rock to hold onto, there’s only one way, and that’s through Him.”