Summer 2024

Wells Thompson

Athlete Blog: The Freedom in Apologizing

“I am sorry. “ “I really messed up and was a jerk.” “I screwed up...”


Athlete Blog: Victory is Ours!

Life is a battle. We are in the greatest war there will ever be. We are fighting for the Kingdom of God! Every day is a struggle to live freely with peace and joy...


Athlete Blog: We Are What We Do?

Playing professional soccer for Major League Soccer (MLS) at the highest level in America over the past eight years has, without question, been a huge accomplishment of mine. Little did I know growing up that, one day, I would be living my dream as a professional soccer player! While it would be easy for me to list all of my soccer achievements, these accomplishments do not define me. Others will be drafted higher than I, trophies will fade, records will be broken, and our championship teams will long be forgotten...