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Daily Devotional - Monday May 22, 2017

“For who will heed you in this matter. But as his part is who goes down to the battle, so shall his part be who stays by the supplies; They shall share alike.”  – 1 Samuel 30:24

For His Glory

My youngest daughter played basketball for several years for our Christian high school. She started some games but was mostly on the second team as a substitute.

One year, when the team was playing a semifinal game in the conference tournament, she entered the game to give a starter a rest. One of her teammates, Tiffany, soon stole a pass on the wing and drove for a basket with their point guard in hot pursuit.

Tiffany missed, as it banked off the backboard and the front of the rim. But my daughter, who showed good hustle, was there to grab the rebound and put it back in for a basket.

I cheered loudly, not only proud and pleased, but impressed that she had followed the play. I’m sure her coach had urged the team many times to do this on a run-out or a fast break, and she executed it very well.

Do you feel like you’re on the “second team” spiritually and not as important as the pastor, evangelist

or missionary? In God’s eyes, the usher is as vital as the pastor, the server at potlucks as vital as the evangelist and the church cleaner as vital as the missionary.

There is no spiritual “second team,” according to Romans 2:11.

So whether you are a leader, or a behind-the-scenes worker, show some hustle in doing your job for His glory.

Stanley A. Tucker