Summer 2024

Daily Devotional: Tuesday, June 4 - Committed Devotion

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” — Acts 2:42

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In sports, especially at the highest levels, talent begins to look similar. Talent typically only gets you so far. However, there is another separator between players: commitment.

In the Bible, the Book of Acts is the second act of the unfolding drama of Jesus. Act one (the Book of Luke) and act two (the Book of Acts) are authored by Luke, who realizes the temptation that lies before us if we stick to the first act — to be just a fan of Jesus. Fans are in awe of Jesus, enamored by His abilities. Yet, Luke writes this second act to dispel this enchantment of Him, and fan the flame of the Holy Spirit we have access to.

This second part features a profound twist: Jesus’ devoted students start behaving and moving like their Teacher. In other words, the supernatural did not stop with Jesus. More and more people experienced the life change of putting their trust in Jesus, and the outpouring of the Spirit that flowed from it.

They committed, from all over the known world, to learn a new way to live. They committed to doing life together and providing for those in need. They committed to prayer and to change the habitual patterns in their lives. They committed to Jesus.

This confronts us with the invitation: Do you want to play, or just stay an admiring fan in the stands? Count the cost before you answer, for the committed way separates us from the rest.

— Tyler Keele, Tennessee Smokies chaplain

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