Summer 2024

THE INCREASE: From Darkness to Light – Bobby and Gari Meacham

Retired shortstop Bobby Meacham began his Major League Baseball career as a first-round draft pick. Having grown quickly accustomed to the attention that his talent and title brought him, Bobby soon started living for the applause.

“I was forgetting about playing for an audience of One and living for Christ,” admitted Bobby. “I just started worrying about me.”

Finding himself caught up in the social status given to pro athletes, temptations and distractions began to flood Bobby’s life and mind.

“God’s Word says it best: ‘Stay alert!’” Bobby mentioned. “But I didn’t stand firm, I didn’t stay alert.”

After cheating on his wife, Gari, Bobby found himself riddled with guilt and shame. But when he tried to hide the affair from her, their marriage became strained and he continued to fall into the same temptation over and over again.

Finally Bobby began to open up to Gari, but at first not fully.

Watch as Bobby and Gari share their story of overcoming the hurt, betrayal, and lies they faced in order to find authentic and lasting healing.

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