Summer 2024

NFL Running Back Wins "Dancing With The Stars"

Rashad Jennings is an NFL running back. After playing the last three seasons with the New York Giants, Jennings finds himself without a job … an NFL job that is. While he still hopes to play football this year, Rashad has been busy and working hard as a competitor on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

On Tuesday Night, JenningsĀ and his dancing partner, Emma Slater, won Season 24’s Finale by defeating another sports competitor, former Cubs catcher David Ross and his dancing partner Lindsay Arnold.

Rashad became the fourth NFL player to win the competition, following in the footsteps of Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith, former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward, and former Packers wideout Donald Driver.

Throughout the competition, not only was Rashad Jennings’ dancing on display, but so was faith. Jennings is a graduate of Liberty and credits all of his success to his belief and trust in Jesus Christ.

“In Jesus, I see a man who was perfect. I see a man who knew where he was going,” Jennings told CBN. “He’s a man of love, he exemplifies it and he’s somebody I want to follow.”

Rashad’s love for his savior is reflected in his love for his Dad.

Albert Jennings suffers from Diabetes and has had to have both of his legs amputated as a result of it. Rashad Jennings grew up a tough life, with a Dad who drank and smoked and found it difficult to express his love for his son.

But today, Rashad runs, dances, and lives for his Dad.

“My father doesn’t have any legs. But I do,” said Rashad. “So I was going to run for him. Through the tears, the pain, the achievements I make, I know it comes through this man. My father.”

Jennings remains a free agent and hopes to catch on and sign with an NFL team for the 2017 NFL season.