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Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly and wife Jill grateful to God after both being admitted to the hospital

Today is Jim and Hunter Kelly’s birthday. The Pro Football Hall of Fame QB turns 58. Kelly has always been known as a competitor and was one of the toughest players during his time in the NFL.

Since retirement, he’s continued that mentality of toughness away from the field.

His son Hunter, who would have been 21 today, fought an incredibly brave battle against Krabbe disease before passing into eternity on August 5, 2005, at the age of 8.

Eight years later, in 2013, Kelly announced he had been diagnosed with cancer in his upper jaw. A very public battle ensued as the Bills legend underwent surgery soon thereafter. After being declared cancer-free, a follow-up test in March of 2014 revealed the cancer had returned and many people around the world followed the updates of Kelly’s battle on social media from his wife Jill and daughter Erin. In August of 2014, doctors announced that there was no evidence of cancer in Kelly.

Last week, Kelly again found himself in a hospital. This time to have his gallbladder removed. Oddly enough, Jim’s wife Jill was also hospitalized a day prior after contracting pneumonia.  As they continue to heal and seek treatment, one thing the Kelly family is going to continue to do is trust in Jesus Christ to see them through.

Kelly’s daughter, Erin Kelly-Bean, took to Instagram on Friday night to share the most recent health struggles that her family has been dealing with.

“Truthfully I’m not sure where to even begin… My mom has been in the hospital since Wednesday battling horrible pneumonia,” she revealed. “And within 24 hours my dad was in the room next to her after having to get his gallbladder removed. Although I don’t understand… I’m choosing to trust God and cling to Him… the Healer!!!! Our family would love for you to surround us in prayer!!! Thank you! #KellyTough”

Jim’s wife Jill shared on her Instagram page Tuesday that she was healing up and was expected to leave the hospital today.

“Every day, despite the circumstances we find ourselves in, we have a choice,” she wrote. “Will we trust God, or not. THANK YOU for praying for Jim. THANK YOU for praying for me. I cannot adequately express with words how grateful we are for your kindness, encouragement, and love for our entire family. There is still more healing needed. One day at a time. One prayer at a time. All in God’s perfect timing.”

Join us in continuing to pray for the Kelly family for a speed recovery and that they would continue to glorify the Lord in all we do.

“The Lord will fight for you … you only need to be still.” – Exodus 14:14


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