Sports Spectrum Daily Devotional - Monday, January 8, 2018

“Do not be overawed when a man grows rich…for he will take nothing with him when he dies…” Psalms 49:16-17

Rich In Christ

We see it all the time: athletes who reach the top of their game and make big bucks. Many times, they seem to have it all. It’s easy to become envious as we watch them amass more and more wealth and material possessions. We might even grow to want what they have and wonder why we don’t experience the same financial blessing in our lives.

This mentality is exactly what Psalm 49 warns us against. Verses 16 and 17 remind us that wealth in this life means nothing, because once this life is over it will be gone. Instead, we must find our wealth in Christ who has given us the blessing of eternity and riches in heaven far beyond anything we could experience on earth. In Him, we have all things—and His riches last forever. The next time you hear that nagging voice of jealousy creeping into your ear or you begin to wonder why the Lord doesn’t seem to be blessing you as He has others, simply remember where your true treasure is. And thank the Lord for it!


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