Daily Devotional: Tuesday, January 31 - The Blessed Life

“That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither — whatever they do prospers.” — Psalm 1:3

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The way of the righteous leads to a blessed life full of meaningful happiness, and the writer of Psalm 1:3 uses five word-pictures to describe what this blessed life looks like. Those who make a decision in life to listen to God and try to live like He has taught us will experience the types of things these images portray.

“A tree planted” describes strength and stability. “Streams of water” describes refreshment and vitality. “Yields its fruit” describes provision for you and others. A “leaf [that] does not wither” describes perseverance. And “prospers” describes meaningful success.

There are many people among the Christian crowd who are not experiencing a blessed life full of meaningful happiness because they are too distracted by other things in their life, or too indifferent to develop the discipline of delighting in the Lord’s instruction. Many people live their lives with a type of entitlement mindset that still expects things from God in spite of the fact that they are pretty much ignoring Him in almost every area of their lives.

The psalmist declares that those who have embraced the way of the righteous will experience a blessed life full of strength, stability, vitality, provision, perseverance, sustainability and true prosperity in everything they do. But He has made it clear that there is a direct relationship between experiencing God’s blessing and delighting in His instruction. We must not expect one without the other.

— Terry Evans, Atlanta Braves chaplain

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