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From the Archives: Michael Redd

Redd Man Walking

Michael Redd already had the best preparation an NBA player could get for the upcoming season.

Now it seemed appropriate to carry out the proper celebration for the gold medal Team USA won in the FIBA Americas tournament.

Redd, an All-Star guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, was certainly in the perfect place–Las Vegas–to indulge in the party as well.

Casinos were to his left, nightclubs bouncing into the wee hours were on his right, and everything else was in between.

So what was the dead-eye left-hander doing to celebrate the moment?

“I’m up in my room playing some dominoes, beating up on my man Rick Davis,” Redd said with a chuckle.

So much for the juicy nightlife. Then again, Redd has always been more about storing his treasures elsewhere.

It hasn’t mattered if it was Las Vegas, Milwaukee, or anywhere else. In the midst of developing a sweet left-handed stroke, Redd has been at the forefront of Bible studies, preaching the gospel, sharing his testimony and leading others to Jesus.

“He’s stayed true to his faith,” says Redd’s father, James, who is the pastor at Philadelphia Deliverance Church of Christ in Columbus, Ohio. “Regardless of who he’s been around, he’s always preached the same message. He’s always been true in faith and lifestyle. If you’re consistent with how you walk, people will respect you.”

By Josh Hachat

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