Our gift to you...the Sports Spectrum Fall 2011 DigiMag

     Enjoy this free issue of Sports Spectrum’s first ever interactive digital magazine, which includes 14 pages of Sports Spectrum stories and columns, video content of Sports Spectrum interviews, podcasts and more multimedia features. Now you can read Sports Spectrum on your laptop, ipad or tablet.
     As the holidays approach, this first ever interactive and digital issue is our gift to you, free for the next few weeks. We appreciate your commitment and support to our product, and we’re looking forward to many more years of bringing you faith and sports.
     The issue features CFL legend Anthony Calvillo, bull rider Travis Briscoe, Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen, voice of the Arizona Cardinals Dave Pasch (SPORTS YAPP) and Colts ex-punter Hunter Smith (Another Angle). View the Fall 2011 digital issue here.
     Beginning in 2012, there will be three different packages incorporating our digital content.
     CLASSIC DEAL: $27.52 (Four 80-page print issues, which are also viewable online, and four additional 12-16 page interactive digital issues) For our fellow subscribers, you’ve spoken, and we’ve heard you. Four 80-page issues isn’t enough to get you through the year, so we’re adding four interactive digital magazines (12-16 pages an issue) to your $27.52 subscription for free. Each 12-16 page interactive digital magazine will be released in between the 80-page print issues (six weeks before and six weeks after each print issue is released). We want to give you more for your money. You deserve it.
     DIGITAL DEAL: $19.95 (Eight digital magazines) This includes our four 80-page print magazines in digital format (you won’t receive a hard copy), our four 12-16 page interactive digital magazines, daily Training Table devotionals sent directly to your email five times a week and tons of exclusive digital content only available to our subscribers.
     DELUXE DEAL: $34.95 (Four print issues, four interactive digital issues, additional digital content) This includes everything in both the Classic Deal and Digital Deal. If you still want to receive your four print issues as a hard copy but want the exclusive digital content as well, then this deal is for you.