Devotional of the Week -- Time to Choose

“How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him.” I Kings 18:21

Early in sports seasons, it’s not uncommon for teams to struggle to find their true identity. The basketball team can’t figure out whether to play up-tempo or more half-court. A football team with outstanding running backs gets infatuated with its quarterback and relies too much on the passing game, before finally realizing it needs more of a balanced attack.

We can waver as Christians, too, sometimes without even realizing it. We have to be careful not to have “Baals” in our lives—people, jobs, money, or possessions that become like false gods. There is only one God and the only way to our true identity is to put, and keep, Him on the throne!

In I Kings 18, the prophet Elijah challenged the people to make a firm decision about God, to choose whether to follow Him or not. Then Elijah literally called down fire from Heaven, inviting God to put Himself on spectacular display to prove His deity and to defeat the prophets of Baal in a one-sided showdown.

God was faithful then to Elijah, and He is still faithful to us. Make a clear choice for the Lord today, and count on Him to unfold the unique destiny He established for your life.

By Charles Chandler, Media Submitted

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