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Five quotes from current coaches in college football

“I think everybody has a belief system. Everybody believes in something and so whatever you believe in whatever you have faith in shapes you period. What kind of a husband you are, what kind of father, what kind of a coach, what kind of a… whatever it is you do. I think it shapes how you live your life. I really, I can’t say I can separate my vocational life from my spiritual life. I don’t think that’s possible for me.”
– University of Georgia head coach Mark Richt, August 2013 Sports Spectrum DigiMag

“We are far from perfect, but I do know the One who is, and obviously we want to make sure people know that about us. It’s who we are. And that’s attractive to a lot of people and maybe not so much to others. But it is who we are, and we want to be open and transparent about that.”
– University of Mississippi head coach Hugh Freeze, August 2013 Sports Spectrum DigiMag

“I started looking at coaching as my ministry, and modeling myself after Christian coaches that were professional and very successful. I feel like that changed everything. And that’s who I am today.”
Auburn University head coach Gus Malzahn, Fall 2014 Sports Spectrum print magazine

“To me, my faith is a shelter in the storm. That’s what a quiet time brings. You are who you are all the time, you live an example and hope you see the student-athlete develop. To make their goals to leave here as good husbands, good citizens and with a good legacy.”
– Baylor University head coach Art Briles, Summer 2014 Sports Spectrum print issue

“In our society, according to God, what is each man’s purpose? Not just to go play football but it’s to prepare these young men to be, number one, men that love God, and men that know how to be the leader in the home and know how to treat women. So all of those things are what God has put on my heart and that’s my purpose as a coach, but really more as a man. That’s just what I do, I coach. But I’m a man of God trying to follow Christ and His teaching. And this job that he’s given me as being a coach is to help marriages, and to help young men know their purpose.”
Liberty University head coach Turner Gill, September 2012 Sports Spectrum DigiMag

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