Summer 2024

Andrew McCutchen talks about the 2016 Off-Season: Players Tribune

This off season has been a trial of wondering for Pittsburgh Pirate star and former NL MVP, Andrew McCutchen.

In December, there were rumors that he’d been traded to the Nationals. As the saga drew out, with no official announcement, more teams entered the mix. While fans in Pittsburgh were imagining a world without their All-Star center-fielder and fans of every team were imaging what Andrew would like in their line-ups, Andrew was dreading receiving a call that would require him to leave the only team he has played on and a community that has become a part of his life.

As of today, “Cutch” is still a Pirate, but, in baseball, you never know when that phone is going to ring.

He recently took time to pen his off-season story on The Players Tribune. You can read it here

Andrew’s Photo used in this article was taken by Terry Foote