Summer 2024




Scott Lehman is the founder of In His Grip Golf  and the author of More Than A Game: Finding Life’s Answers Through Golf.  Scott’s goal and mission is to introduce men to Jesus Christ through the game of golf.

Recently, Scott has introduced the In His Grip Golf Show on YouTube that tells the stories of faith and golf and is extremely well done. I highly recommend you check it out.

On this episode of the podcast, Scott takes us through his journey as a fan of golf, how God grabbed a hold of him 20 years ago in 1997 in the midst of his marriage falling apart and how he was able to repair that marriage and start a ministry to help spread the gospel of Jesus through the game of golf.





Podcast Timeline:

4:15 – When Golf became a passion of his.

5:30 – The importance of having his Dad present in his life

6:15 – How a moment in 1997 changed his life.

7:25 – His marriage was in major trouble and God saved him.

10:25 – On what rock bottom was for him in his marriage

13:36 – Beginning that faith journey and starting his ministry

15:35 – On community and building relationships

17:57 – His decision to pursue adoption

21:00 – On Micah, the boy he adopted from Ethiopia

22:30 – Why he wrote a book

25:00 – On the importance of discipleship and small groups

28:00 – Starting a TV show

30:30 – Why are faith and sports so intertwined?

33:15 – Being transparent as believers

35:05 – What is God teaching you right now?

Scott Lehman with his wife Leslie. (Photo courtesy: Scott Lehman)

Favorite Quotes:

“My Dad was my hero. Not only my little league coach but my life coach.”

“My Dad spelled love T.I.M.E — He was always there for me. I was so blessed to have him in my life.”

“I went from a mountain top experience to the depths of the valley when my wife greeted me with the news that she was no longer in our marriage.”

“Proverbs 3:5-6 was the verse that led me to Jesus Christ being the Lord of my life.”

“I put this challenge to everyone. Get involved in the church. Serve the church. Give my gifts and passions to Him to use for His glory.”

“We couldn’t have children through the years, so we did the rocking chair test. In our 90’s as we’re rocking our chair, would we have any regrets? I said I wanted to be a Dad. Leslie wanted to be a mom. So we prayed about a family and adoption.”

“I love being a Daddy.”

“There are great parallels in sports and faith. We do life together. We do it intentionally and the faith is central to that. Sports is similar.”

“We need to be transparent as believers. The more that we share our story and let the realness come out, I believe God will use our story to impact others for His glory.”

“God teaches me that each and every day, I need to first and foremost seek Him. I need to surrender my marriage, my son, the ministry, all to Him. The ministry is not mine. It’s His. I’m a steward of that.”

For more on Scott and his ministry, go to and follow him on twitter @InHisGripGolf.