Summer 2024

NEW PODCAST: Kelli Masters, NFL Player Agent


Kelli Masters is an NFL Player Agent representing numerous clients throughout Pro Football.

She is a former National Champion and Five-time World Champion Baton Twirler who graduated with honors from Law School at the University of Oklahoma.

Kelli was also voted Miss Oklahoma in 1997 and competed in the Miss America Pageant that same year.

She has developed a solid reputation and a vast network of professional relationships including coaches, owners, managers, and scouts from all 32 NFL Clubs, as well as the NFLPA.

Kelli is also the first woman to represent an NFL first-round draft pick with Gerald McCoy (3rd overall) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2010.

On this episode of the podcast, we talk with Kelli about being a female working in a male dominated field, what her faith in Christ means to her, how she brings her faith into her job everyday, whether she has lost a client due to her gender, and why her identity isn’t found in her job as an agent.


Kelli Masters at a preseason NFL game between the Rams and Cowboys from August 13, 2017. (Photo Courtesy: Kelli Masters/Instagram)


3:55 – What encompasses being an NFL player agent.

6:35 – Biggest challenge she faces as an agent.

9:55 – Navigating both worlds of sports and faith.

11:40 – Where her love for sports began.

13:35 – The beginnings of her faith journey.

24:30 – Being a mentor and pouring into her athletes who are wrapped up in identity.

31:40 – The barriers she faces as a female in a male dominated industry.

41:50 – Representing Gerald McCoy and becoming the first woman agent to represent a first round draft pick.

47:25 – Staying grounded day to day working in a business that can be ruthless.

51:30 – Advice that she would give to the young females aspiring to follow in the footsteps of her.

Favorite Quotes:

“I’m not only a woman in a man’s world, I’m also independent. I felt called to built my own agency.”

“The recruiting is the hardest part.”

“I have to fuel up and stay full of the world because I’m facing daily attacks. I’m seeking God’s wisdom in every situation and every conversation.”

“I remember looking up to the sky and going ‘Are you real? Are you out there?'”

“I was exhausted in trying to do everything on my own power, trying to fill that void on my own.”

“I identify with the players I’m working with more than they realize.”

“I don’t force my faith on anybody but I don’t hide either. My clients see how I live my life, and to not be judgmental and be their advocate.”

“We have to, as believers, never ever get complacent. We should be in church and fellowshipping with other believers and in the word, doing devotionals every day.”

“For me, it’s taking God in every moment, every conversation, every situation. I am consciously trying to connect with heaven and ask God to show me what to do in each situation.”

“When you keep focused and keeping your eyes on Jesus in those terrifying moments when you feel like you’re sinking, it really is turning my attention, my heart, my soul, my mind to reconnecting with God in that moment.”

“Joy really is strength. We have to remember that.”

“Fear will be your biggest enemy. Don’t be afraid and trust Him with your whole heart.”

You can follow Kelli on twitter @KMMsports or at her website