Sports Spectrum Magazine Summer 2021

NEW PODCAST: The journey from addiction to freedom with Jordan Rogers


Jordan Rogers is the North America Brand Manager for Nike Football. He’s living the dream, working for one of the biggest companies in the world. He’s also a husband, and a dad. Life is good.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Starting at the age of 15, Jordan struggled with addiction to drugs including heroin. He was incarcerated for 13 months, homeless, and had no hope to live.

But Jordan was able to find hope in Christ, and get sober. He’s now 14 years clean and continues to use his story to impact others.

On this episode of the podcast, Jordan Rogers shares how he was first introduced to heroin, the struggle to stay sober, his rock bottom moment on the floor in a hotel room, putting his faith in God, and the new struggle that he and his wife went through after getting clean.


4:45 – What he does at Nike

8:05 – Growing up before addiction took hold of him.

10:05 – His faith in Christ as a child.

11:40 – When drugs first take a hold of him.

15:55 – How he gets connected into the drug culture.

18:05 – Keeping the addiction from his family.

24:30 – The worst things he saw during his addiction

27:35 – How close he was to death

29:45 – What was the rock bottom moment?

36:30 – When does faith in Christ start to take shape after sobriety?

40:15 – Snapshot of life after sobriety, getting married and wanting to start a family.

46:30 – Life gets difficult again for Jordan, but this time, it has nothing to do with drugs or addiction.

57:10 – How does the relationship look like now with his own parents

59:05 – What is God teaching Jordan right now?


“It’s a dream job. I have to pinch myself on a regular basis.”

“The older I get, the wiser I get, the more I realize how close to death I was.”

“If God is our father. If He loves us like a father, I’ve started to understand his love for us in a totally new and radical way.”

“If he loves us 1/10th of how I love my son, it’s just amazing.”

“You can make such a decision of being young and dumb and it can affect your entire life.”

Click below to watch the IamSecond story done on Jordan. 

You can follow along with Jordan on his Instagram page — @JordanRogers26