NEW PODCAST: Geoff Blum, 2005 World Series champion, Houston Astros Broadcaster




Geoff Blum played 14 MLB seasons with Montreal, Tampa, Houston, San Diego, Chicago and Arizona. He was a World Series hero in 2005, hitting the game-winning home run in the 14th inning of Game 3, leading the White Sox to a victory and their first championship in 88 years.

Blum is currently a TV analyst for his former team, the Houston Astros.

On this episode of the podcast, we preview the 2017 World Series with Blum, look back at his own World Series memory from 2005, why he is loved and hated in the city of Houston, why his faith in Christ was something he struggled to share with others during his MLB career, and the emotional moment when he was baptized with his wife in November 2012.


3:25 – Watching this 2017 Houston Astros team ride all the way to the World Series

4:45 – Looking back on the ALCS victory over the Yankees

6:15 – Justin Verlander’s dominance

8:05 – Previewing the 2017 World Series, Astros at Dodgers

10:15 – On 5’6 Jose Altuve and what makes him so unique and so good.

13:45 – Hitting the game-winning Home Run in Game 3 of the World Series.

15:00 – Where is the bat he hit the home run with in that game?

16:55 – Being loved and hated in Houston right now.

18:20 – Preparing to play in a World Series.

21:05 – When his faith in Christ began.

22:55 – Having God in his life during his MLB career.

24:30 – Does he regret not sharing his faith as much as he could have?

25:50 – Who he considered a spiritual mentor.

28:20 – Being married and working through their faith together, eventually leading to baptism.

31:50 – Being a Dad to four girls.

33:55 – Best pitcher he’s ever faced.

34:30 – Best player he ever played with.

35:10 – Favorite stadium to play at.

35:30 – Favorite moment in his career (besides the game-winning World Series HR)

36:15 – Worst moment of his baseball career.

37:10 – His favorite Bible Verse.  (Deuteronomy 31:6)

38:15 – What is God teaching him right now?


“You almost feel like a proud parent watching these guys. They are so young, but they’re so good.”

“The only deficiency I see in the Astros is their bullpen. I like Houston to win in 7 games.”

“He’s one of the more humble and approachable guys I’ve been around in the game.”

“I cannot say 2005 on air without my twitter account getting absolutely blasted. I hate you but I love you.”

“I was not a superstar. I was a role player. I understood that earlY on. I humbled myself and understood that I was a small piece in a large group. That’s the faith in God and understanding that, it’s not about being self-serving.”

“The hardest part for me in baseball was being in the clubhouse and being a believer.”

“I’ve never seen anyone like him.” – (On Vladimir Guerrero)

“Being uncomfortable is where it’s at.”

“When things aren’t easy, we know who we go to and we got to the Lord.”

You can follow Geoff on Twitter and Instagram @Blummer27.