Summer 2024

NEW PODCAST: T.C. Stallings, Actor, Former Louisville Running Back


T.C. Stallings is an actor, author and former pro football running back.

He is one of the stars of the 2015 film “War Room,” which soared to number one at the box office in its second week of release.

Stallings played 4 years of college football at the University of Louisville, where he rushed for over 1,300 yards and scored 15 touchdowns in his career.

He would go on to play 6 years of professional football in NFL Europe, the CFL, and the Arena League.

Stallings got his first crack at movies, playing a gang leader in the 2011 movie “Courageous.”

On this episode of the podcast, T.C. Stallings talks about the need for prayer in our country, why he left football to pursue acting, growing up without a Dad, and how he feels about turning 40 years old.


4:45 – Why he started a YouTube show

7:20 – Where his love of sports began

10:35 – Not having a Father in his life

12:35 – Growing up with 5 brothers and sisters

14:40 – Playing running back with Louisville

17:55 – When his faith started taking shape

20:15 – Faith intersecting with football

24:30 – His decision to retire

26:45 – Making his acting debut in “Courageous.”

31:30 – Acting in the number one movie in America

36:40 – Is there a famous person that saw the movie that surprise him?

39:15 – Where is our nation right now when it comes to prayer?

45:30 – Saying you’re a Christian vs. showing you’re a Christian

49:15 – Why he’s writing books.

53:30 – Turning 40 years old.

55:40 – Closing prayer


“I decided I wanted to act after seeing the movie Fireproof. So I retired.”

“The movie was centered around prayer. Prayer is something that everyone can relate to.”

“You can’t fight a spiritual battle with earthly weapons. You have to fight them with prayer.”

“Continue to be willing to love anybody and everybody.”

“God is not responding to everybody’s prayer. Everybody can pray, but that doesn’t mean God is responding to their prayers.”

“Prayer is just too loosely used. You can’t just shoot out ‘thoughts and prayers,’ you gotta have a connection with the person you’re praying too.”

“On my road here, I never stopped loving Jesus.”

“You don’t have to stop loving the Lord to be number one in your craft. You have to know how to love people, honor God and stay humble.”

“You don’t have to put your faith on a shelf to make it.”