Summer 2024

NEW PODCAST: Dan Orlovsky, Former NFL Quarterback


Dan Orlovsky played 12 seasons in the NFL with the Lions, Texans, Colts, and Buccaneers before retiring in October of 2017.

He was a standout quarterback in college at the University of Connecticut, where he set numerous passing records.

Selected in the 5th round of the 2005 NFL Draft by the Lions, Dan would be mentored in Detroit by quarterbacks Josh McCown and Jon Kitna.

It was there that Kitna and McCown introduced Orlovsky to Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made.

On this episode of the podcast, Dan Orlovsky shares his disappointment in being drafted in the 5th round, why he considered it a privilege to be a backup quarterback in the NFL, how it took him almost 18 months to accept Jesus Christ into his life, and why broadcasting might be in his future.


3:15 – Life after announcing his retirement.

5:30 – Football in his life as a kid.

8:05 – The moment he realized he was pretty good as a quarterback.

9:35 – Choosing UCONN

14:15 – Looking back at his time with the Huskies.

17:10 – When he realized the NFL might be a possibility.

18:35 – Bad memories of being drafted into the NFL

21:05 – Acclimating himself to NFL life.

25:05 – Where is faith in his life from college to the NFL?

34:10 – Accepting Christ at the Lions team chapel.

37:20 – Being a football player and being a Christian.

42:30 – The crazy NFL lifestyle.

45:45 – The hardest part of being an NFL player.

48:16 – Competing in the NFL and accepting life as a backup QB.

54:45 – What is next for Dan?

56:55 – What is the Lord teaching him now?


“I don’t want to become a Jesus follower because I’m a white dude in America. If I was going to entertain making that the center of my life, I wasn’t going to do it just because 80% of the country already did.”

“I’m a skeptic at heart. I love to try and find the ability to disprove something.”

“Jon Kitna discipled me.”

“I thought I couldn’t be a Jesus follower and at the same time, be this vicious competitor.”

“I had this peace and trust that God was going to do what He wanted.”

“I’m always on this journey of God reminding me ‘I’m on the throne!'”

“It’s important for me to make sure that I see myself and that other people see myself as a husband, a Dad and a friend, a brother, a son.”