NEW PODCAST: Francis Chan and Adam Wainwright


Francis Chan is the founding pastor of Cornerstone Community Church and author of Crazy Love, Forgotten God, and Erasing Hell. He travels throughout the world challenging Christians to a higher commitment to Christ. He’s also the founder of Eternity Bible College and has been pastoring churches and discipling people for over 25 years. He currently lives with his family in the Bay Area where he oversees We Are Church, a network of house churches.

Adam Wainwright is a starting pitcher with the St. Louis Cardinals. In 13 years with the Cards, Waino has won 2 World Series, been elected to 3 All-Star teams, and was named a 2017 Silver Slugger award winner. Adam was also a guest on Episode 14 of this podcast.

On this episode of the podcast, Francis and Adam sit down at a recent conference in San Antonio, TX with host Jason Romano to discuss their unique friendship, what Adam is learning from Francis’ teaching, why it’s important to use your platform to share the Gospel, and what is breaking Francis’ heart in the church. This is a powerful listen!



“It’s like a drug. You know you should hate and when it’s not there, you want it. It’s a non-stop wrestle. Unless I get on face before God, it’ll control me.” – Francis Chan on fame

“I think there’s a way we can show Christ.” – Adam Wainwright on using his platform

“In my life I look at my life and say ‘why do I have this platform?’ It doesn’t make any sense. But I better steward it well.” – Chan

“You’ve been handed something for a period of time. You better use it. I got to make them understand how serious eternity is. I don’t want them to regret everything they’ve been handed right now and not using it.” – Chan on speaking to athletes

“We have a really solid base of Christian guys coming up through the minors. I feel a closeness with them more than some of the veteran guys I’ve been with through the years.” – Wainwright

“There’s always a sense in my life that any day could be my last. Nothing else matters. Standing before God. I mean, what else really matters?” – Chan

“I wanna be ready. I want to hear well done. I want to know, ok, I’m set for eternity because of what I invested on this earth.” – Chan

“For a baseball player, we waste a lot of days. We think we’re busier than we are.” – Wainwright

“When you write stuff down, there’s visual evidence that you were in the word.” – Wainwright

“I have a hard time seeing in scripture that there is such a thing as a person who believes in Jesus but doesn’t follow him. That calls himself a Christian but isn’t a disciple. That doesn’t even make sense Biblically.” – Chan

“My God is not a duplicator, he’s a creator. I try to keep that mindset. God, do something crazy that I haven’t experience before, otherwise, the days will just be running together.” – Chan

“Do you understand that you get to come in the presence of the creator and talk to him?” – Chan