Summer 2024

NEW PODCAST - Darryl Strawberry, 4-time World Series Champion


Darryl Strawberry played 17 MLB seasons with the Mets, Dodgers, Giants and Yankees.

Strawberry won a World Series with the Mets in 1986, is the their all-time leader in career home runs (252) and was inducted to the team’s hall of fame in 2010.

Later in his career, Darryl was a part of 3 World Series teams with the New York Yankees in 1996, 1998 and 1999.

Off the field, Strawberry struggled with addiction for most of his adult life. It wasn’t until after his playing days that he reached rock bottom and only by the blood of Christ, was Darryl able to overcome and resurrect his life.

Darryl now is an evangelist who travels all around the country, telling people about Jesus Christ and the hope that is found in our creator. He and his wife Tracy founded “Strawberry Ministries” and are cultivating opportunities for those stuck in addiction to find a way out and find hope through Jesus.

On this episode of the podcast, Darryl shares his very real, very raw story of addiction, his struggles off the field during his career, why fame and fortune was the worst thing for him and how God was able to bring him back from his lowest point to be a vessel for Him.


4:00 – Why he wrote the new book “Don’t Give Up On Me.”

7:15 – Growing up in a not-so-glamorous life of a baseball player.

8:55 – Living without a Dad growing up.

10:55 – Faith as a teenager.

12:35 – Looking back at the early years as a player with the Mets

15:15 – Turmoil going on off the field in the 1980’s

17:40 – Becoming a celebrity and being unprepared to handle all that comes with it.

20:45 – What it means to get a second chance.

23:10 – When he was first introduced to Christ.

25:20 – Falling back into addiction even after becoming a Christian.

26:40 – His lowest point.

28:45 – Boundaries with Darryl and his family and children.

30:15 – Earning trust with friends and family in recovery.

32:05 – The moment when he realized his purpose.

34:10 – Starting Strawberry Ministries.

36:30 – Being a Pastor and Evangelist.

39:40 – What does forgiveness mean to Darryl?

41:20 – What Darryl is learning from the Lord.


“We should learn to love and care for those in addiction and not give up on them.”

“I was determined to make myself great at baseball because of the rejection in my life. I was successful from the outside, but very empty on the inside.”

“A boy always needs a father, that male figure to encourage him and that he can be great. I’ve done that with my kids, regardless of what I’ve went through.”

“I struggled for a long time with identity off the field.”

“No one ever tells you no. Everyone just kind of laughs and says you can do whatever you want because you’re Darryl Strawberry, you’re number 18 of the New York Mets.”

“I went out every night had a Bud and just partying and came to the ballpark the next day and kept hitting home runs.”

“If we give up on people, we don’t know what their journey could be. It’s so important to care about people right where they’re at.”

“I knew His name, Jesus, but didn’t know the word of God. I didn’t know his power. There was no knowledge of the Bible.”

“I’m grateful that my kids never turned their back on me.”

“I kept my focus on my purpose. Trust started to come back because I lived it and didn’t talk about it.”

“So many people want victory but they won’t do the work. I started doing the work with God and God started to speak to me and show me why I was created.”

“I didn’t sign up for this Jason, the Lord signed me up.”

“It’s a bunch of stories of a bunch of broken people that God used for His glory.”

“Forgiveness is so important. Forgiveness is about you so you can be healed.”

“It’s never about me. It’s always about others. Others matter. When we can understand that and trust that and believe what God’s word says, we can help others.”

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