Summer 2024

NEW PODCAST: Mac Powell, THIRD DAY lead singer



Mac Powell is the lead singer of the successful christian rock band THIRD DAY.

A die-hard sports fan, Mac’s allegiances belong to the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Falcons.

Mac Powell grew up in Clanton, Alabama. His love affair with music began at an early age as both of his parents would sing and play guitar around the house. Mac soon began to sing in the little bitty Baptist church by day, and listen to his Dad’s record collection by night.

When Mac was a sophomore in high school, he moved to Atlanta, GA where his passion for music and faith found an outlet in the band THIRD DAY. Over the past 25 years THIRD DAY has helped transform Christian music and built a devoted fan base while traveling the world many times over, selling nearly 10 million albums, earning 4 Grammy awards, 1 American Music Award, 24 Dove Awards, and by being inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

In addition to his THIRD DAY contributions Mac has also put together two collections of independent original country music (Mac Powell in 2012 and Southpaw in 2014), which include collaborations with songwriters such as Darius Rucker, Christian Bush (Sugarland), Chris Stapleton, and Travis Tritt.

Mac is married to Aimee, and has five children.

On this episode of the podcast, Mac shares his love for “Roll Tide,” how he got started in the music industry, advice for young musicians trying to make it in 2018, why Larry Bird was his guy growing up, hanging with athletes who are fans of his music, and how discipleship on the road as a musician is a discipline that he implements daily.


2:25 – His fandom for the University of Alabama

4:25 – Why Nick Saban is so good.

5:30 – The atmosphere in Tuscaloosa around a football event.

8:30 – The early days of starting in music.

13:50 – Advice for young musicians trying to make it.

16:05 – Biggest difference in the music industry from when he first started to now.

17:55 – Staying discipled as a band on the road.

20:35 – Working in the “faith” world.

23:40 – Branching out as a musician into the secular/country world.

25:05 – Having a conversation with the rest of the band to pursue a solo act.

26:30 – Making the decision to play specific songs on tour.

28:40 – Athletes wanting to be musicians, and musicians wanting to be athletes.

30:05 – Meeting athletes who are fans.

34:30 – One athlete to watch for the rest of his life.

36:10 – A sporting event that he’d travel back in time to be at in person.

39:05 – What he’s learning from the Lord right now.


“I grew up singing in choir bands and in church.”

“I said Lord I want to give you my whole life.”

“I knew I wanted to share my faith through rock music and that was Third Day.”

“Ultimately it’s in HIS hands. There’s a reason for being in the place that you’re at.”

“The word of God. That’s my medicine. I have to have that every day.”

“I actually sang in John Smolt’z wedding a few years back.”

“Prayer helps us to get our minds off of ourselves and hopefully be honoring to God and be open to hearing what He has to say to us. And it also puts our focus on other people.”


You can follow Mac on twitter and Instagram @MacPowell.