Summer 2024

NEW PODCAST: Pastor Ted Winsley, Philadelphia Eagles Team Chaplain


Ted Winsley is in his 17th season as the team chaplain of the Philadelphia Eagles. He is the senior pastor at “Family Church” in New Jersey and continues to minister to the Eagles players spiritual needs throughout the year.

On this episode of the podcast, we talk to Pastor Ted about the Eagles 2017 season, the remarkable run to the Super Bowl, overcoming adversity, the example of Carson Wentz, and why Nick Foles is a huge reason for the culture that has been built inside the Philadelphia locker room.


1:35 – What was that moment like for him to see the Eagles beat the Vikings and go to the Super Bowl.

2:30 – Watching the game with Nick Foles’ parents.

3:15 – Talking with the players after the game.

4:45 – What is his role as a team chaplain with the Eagles.

8:50 – Has he ever had a couple show up that he hasn’t seen before that aren’t believers?

10:40  – How Nick Foles began to change the culture inside the locker room back in 2012/2013.

17:30 – The 2017 season and the defining moments for the players spiritually.

22:35 – Carson Wentz’s response on social media after his injury and how it affected the rest of the team.

25:40 – Preparing for Super Bowl LII and how the preparation will be for the Eagles from a spiritual perspective.


“We do premarital counseling and I’m walking with Jordan Hicks and Brandon Graham every Tuesday or Thursday at 550am, 6am and I take them through a discipleship book.”

“Marriage can be a topic for evangelism.”

“You and I know that if you’re married, you can’t be successfully married without God.”

“When you get married without God, there’s big trouble.”

“The guys decided that we weren’t going to be religious, that this was going to be a lifestyle. They decided to use football as a lifestyle platform for Christ.”

“Let’s get intentional. Let’s live for Him.”

“The Bible is very clear that faith must always be tested.”

“Is God just a slot machine, a sugar daddy, Santa Claus? Is he just here to give you what you want?”

“What happens when you lose? What happens when you get injured? What happens when you can’t play? Is he still God?”

“I believe this is going to be an opportunity for guys to really share their faith and testimony. This is the tightest team I’ve been around in my 17 years.”


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