Summer 2024

Marlins chaplain Chris Lane ministers to families in Parkland, Florida in the midst of school shooting





Chris Lane is the chaplain of the Miami Marlins. He’s also the executive director of First Priority, a ministry in southeast Florida that works within middle and high schools with students sharing the gospel of Christ.

On Wednesday February 14, another terrible mass shooting took place in Parkland, Florida at Stoneman Douglas High School where 17 people were killed and many others hospitalized.

Upon receiving calls and texts on Wednesday, Lane and others went to Parkland and provided emotional support and prayer to families and friends of the victims.

Today, Chris spoke to us on the Sports Spectrum Podcast and described what he saw and how God was working through this horrific ordeal. Below are some of the key quotes from Chris on the podcast.

“We want to fill these kids up and encourage them and pray over them and give them the hope of the Gospel and Christ in their life, so that when they step on campus whenever that school opens back up, they’re going to face things. Their friends are going to look to them for answers. There’s great opportunity for ministry in this tragedy.”

“The churches came together at Noon on Thursday and had a prayer vigil. Me, along with several other key pastors and ministry leaders were there up front praying and we released these balloons. A great display of unity in the church but prayer for the community.”

“What Satan meant for harm, God’s going to turn into good. We always know that’s the case. That’s the power of the Gospel.”

“Hope has a name, and it’s Jesus. Today the community is hurting and we want to be sensitive to the grieving of people and let them have space and time be there for them. But also, at the end of the day, the answer is Jesus. We have to take that message to people now because it’s the only hope they have.”

“What seems to be a tragedy and is awful that happened here on earth. There is more than this. For all of us, we ask the question ‘Is this it?’ The things of this world they don’t last. We all know that. We try, a better job, bigger house but all that stuff, the Bible teaches will not last. The thing that matters most is that personal relationship with Jesus that gives us hope and a future and secures heaven for us one day.”

Join us in continuing to pray and lift up everyone affected by the terrible tragedy in Parkland. Let’s also lift up Chris and so many that are responding, encouraging and ministering to those grieving and hurting. And may we cling to the hope that is found only in Christ.