NEW PODCAST: Steve Springer, Former MLB player/coach


Steve Springer teaches baseball players about the mental aspect of hitting. His clients include MLB stars Nolan Arenado, Ben Zobrist, Paul Goldschmidt and Daniel Murphy.

He played 14 seasons of Minor League Baseball from 1982-1995. In 1,591 games played with six different organizations, Springer slugged 128 home runs and collected 1,592 hits.

His dream to play the highest level of baseball in the majors was achieved in 1990, when the Cleveland Indians called him up. His stint was short and in 1992, he got a second chance with the New York Mets. In total, he played eight career games in the big leagues.

For eight years, Springer was the performance coach and major league scout for the Toronto Blue Jays.

He is now on his own, teaching all levels of baseball players from little league to the major leagues, about the mental aspect of hitting through his Quality At Bats product.

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