Cardinals Adam Wainwright to honor victims of Western Kentucky shooting

On Tuesday January 23, 2018, 16 students were shot, 2 were killed in a shooting at Marshall County High School in western Kentucky.

The students killed that day were 15-year-old Baily Holt and Preston Cope.

Cope was a huge baseball fan and last year, the Marshall County High School baseball team took a trip to St. Louis to watch Preson’s favorite team, the Cardinals and also had the opportunity to participate in their own exhibition game on the same field shortly after.

“He was so thrilled and excited,” his father told “It was a very special moment for him — one he would never forget.”

In the days after Cope was killed, word reached Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright about Preston’s love for the Cardinals.

The St. Louis pitcher immediately felt moved to do something to help with the family’s healing and with the assistance of his foundation Big League Impact, plans are in the works for Wainwright to host victims of the shooting and their families at Busch Stadium this summer.

Big League Impact’s mission is to save lives, restore dignity and instill hope in local communities and around the globe.

Join us in continuing to pray for all those affected by that terrible tragedy in West Virginia.

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