Stephen Curry continues to revolutionize the NBA for Christ

The three-point shot has one man, in particular, to thank for its revitalization in the NBA — two-time MVP Stephen Curry.

Curry’s unique style of play — squaring up (or sometimes not) 30 or even 40 feet from the basket — has played a large part in fueling the success of the Golden State Warriors as they seek their second consecutive NBA title.

Underneath all of the fame and fanfare, the constant praise and comparisons to the best shooters of all-time, the media scrutinization and expert analysis, lies a different basis than that of most professional athletes, however — Jesus Christ. Curry says his faith in Christ is his “driving force” in life as he seeks to impact people watching and interacting with him from his ever-growing platform.

“I want people to know when they see me play that something is different, that I play for something different, and whether I’m talking about it [or not], I just hope by the way I carry myself and by the way I play the game, they can see there’s something different about that guy.”

To read the full story on the FCA website, click HERE. Curry and the Warriors are currently tied with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Western Conference Finals. Tune in for Game 3 on Sunday, May 22 on TNT.