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Indiana Pacers use Andy Mineo's 'You Can't Stop Me' as Player Intro Song

Before the Indiana Pacers announce their starting lineup at their home games, a popular Christian hip hop song will be played throughout the arena.

The Pacers announced that Andy Mineo’s popular song, “You Can’t Stop Me” will be played during the intro video for the 2017-18 season.

“I think it is an incredible song to match with a great team this year”, Mineo said

Mineo is a Christian hop hop artist and the song came from the 2015 album “Uncomfortable.” The song quickly gained steam, winning an ESPN ‘Whammy’ as the most popular baseball walk-up song. Speaking to ESPN, Mineo said the song was created in hopes of inspiring others to face their fears and persevere through tough situations.

“It’s just kind of an anthem that everyone can relate to,” Mineo told ESPN. “Facing self-doubt, fear, and working through that and saying, ‘The only thing that can stop us is ourselves.'”

Mineo has a passion for the NBA. His current album “Bird and Magic” is a spin-off from Magic Johnson and Larry Bird and the 1980’s NBA rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angles Lakers.

“Rap and basketball are like cousins, they’re always together, Mineo said to

Listen to the song “You Can’t Stop Me” below.

At 2-2, the Pacers will hit the road to take on the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight at 8 P.M ET.