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Most Viewed In 2023: #4 - College basketball star Hailey Van Lith gets baptized

With 2023 coming to a close, Sports Spectrum is highlighting our most-viewed stories of the year.

Following Louisville’s season-ending loss in the 2023 NCAA Tournament, guard Hailey Van Lith was asked by reporters about her motivation. Specifically, did being selected as an honorable mention All-American feel like a snub, and would that motivate her further?

“I’m not motivated at all by the fact that they named me honorable mention,” she responded. “I know who I am and I know what God thinks I am. God doesn’t think I’m an honorable mention, I’ll tell you that right now.”

Over the summer, Van Lith made another bold declaration of her faith in God. She got baptized, and shared about the occasion in her Instagram stories in August.

“Best day of my life,” she posted in the first of a series of five photos from the baptism. In the last photo she wrote, “My greatest success in life is to offer my life to serve Jesus.”

Van Lith became one of the biggest names in women’s college basketball while at Louisville, and made more headlines when she announced her transfer to LSU, the reigning national champion. In June, she also helped Team USA win the gold medal in the 3-on-3 FIBA World Cup.

So when we published a story Aug. 15 about her baptism, many people took notice. It ranks No. 4 among our most-viewed stories in 2023:

>> College basketball star Hailey Van Lith gets baptized, aims to ‘offer my life to serve Jesus’ <<

Check back tomorrow for No. 3!

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