Summer 2024

Raiders QB Derek Carr Helps Stranded Motorist, Prays With Him

Getting stranded on the road is never fun. But for Ron Reeser, getting stranded turned into a chance encounter with one of the NFL’s rising stars.

According to, Reeser, a DJ in the Bay Area of California, became a bit perturbed after he ran out of gas and became stranded on the side of the road. Before he knew it, a good Samaritan stopped to offer help and a ride.

It took Reeser a little while to realize that this ‘nice guy’ he was riding with and talking to was Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr.

Speaking to, Reeser says Carr told him he played football and wanted to be a pastor when he retired.

The two men struck up an easy conversation on the drive. They spoke about Reeser’s work in the music business. He asked the driver what he did for a living and he said that he played football, adding that he is very religious and wants to become a pastor when he retires. On the return from the gas station, Reeser asked the driver more about football.

“He said he was a quarterback; I thought he was a college quarterback,” Reeser said to on Wednesday. “I asked him what string he was. He said ‘first string.’ I asked him his favorite team. He said, ‘I may be biased, but the Raiders because I play for them.’ I looked at him and said, ‘Wait’ … and I asked him his name. He said ‘Derek Carr.’

Reeser said Carr prayed for him and that his encounter with the Pro Bowl QB opened his eyes to the celebrity lifestyle that comes with playing in the NFL and how these athletes we watch on TV every Sunday are regular people looking to do good in this world.

“He couldn’t have been more down to earth. He was wearing a hat and basketball shorts. I had no idea. He was just driving by and helped. It really made me feel good that there are good people still out there doing nice things for people.” said Reeser. “It was such an empowering moment,” Reeser said. “It’s just not something I expected to happen after running out of gas. Some of the people I’ve told about it said maybe it was a sign to help me restore my faith in people doing the right thing.”

 (PHOTO CREDIT: Erik Drost)