Summer 2024

Tom Brady welcomes 11-year-old cancer patient at training camp

Tom Brady just turned 40 years old and is coming off of his fifth Super Bowl win, most of any quarterback in NFL history. Many consider him the greatest signal caller the game has ever seen.

But giving back is also something very important to Brady and this morning, the Patriots shared a video on twitter of Tom greeting 11-year-old West Virginia native Gabe Lester, a boy who is battling cancer, and in the midst of chemotherapy treatment.

At the end of the video, Gabe’s father told Brady the story of his son wanting two wishes, the first was to watch go to New England to see the Patriots play, the second was to meet Tom Brady.

“The two things he said, he said he wanted to come to New England and watch the Patriots the play and the second was to meet Tom Brady and I said I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do it, but I’ll do my very best.”

Brady’s response — “Nice job Dad. Way to go baby.”

Gabe’s Dad then said “We appreciate everything and we’ll get through it.”

At the end of the tweeted video, Brady can be heard providing a final few words of encouragement to Gabe and his Dad.

“Yes you are, you’re going to get through it.”

Join us praying for Gabe Lester as he continues to battle cancer.