Texas high school football player returns wallet he found with $1,500 inside

A young man from Beaumont, Texas is gaining recognition for a good deed he did off the field.

Central High School football player Kameron Grigsby, 17, found a wallet with $1,500 in cash inside and turned it in. Working at the HEB grocery store as a parking attendant, Grigsby found the wallet in the a shopping cart. Rather than pocketing the money, he thought of what his football coach would have told him to do.

“You can always do the right thing, like our coach says, the right way,” Grigsby told 12News. “You don’t have to always go astray. Stay on the right path and stay focused.”

It wasn’t the first time Grigsby found personal items left behind by shoppers. In this instance there was a cell phone that was also left in the cart.

“The phone was at the front of the cart, you know like they were waiting to check out and forgot to grab it,” Grigsby told 12News.

“The purse was in a bigger basket at the bottom, one of the kids must’ve had it or something. The woman with the phone, she came right back so I was able to give it to her, and she said thank you,” Grigsby told 12News. “I always believe you get it back three fold.”

(H/T: Faithwire News)