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Colts Vontae Davis pledges every tackle to help orphans around the world

The 2017 season hasn’t gone as planned for the Indianapolis Colts. The team has won just 1 of their first 4 games and their starting quarterback, Andrew Luck, hasn’t played a game yet as he recovers from a shoulder injury.

One positive though is cornerback Vontae Davis, who is taking advantage of his platform to use his performance on the field to help bring awareness to an important issue off the field.

In an Instagram post from Sunday October 1st, Davis shared his desire to help kids in foster care who aren’t feeling loved or wanted.

“Please join me in supporting deserving children by pledging for every tackle I have this season. All of the proceeds will benefit Hands of Hope and their mission to uniquely and deeply love orphans at home and around the world”

The two-time Pro Bowl cornerback, says he was almost placed in foster care when he was younger and believes every child deserves a chance to feel loved and cared for.

“I’m dedicating this season to kids who were not as lucky as me and my siblings, kids in foster care who don’t always feel wanted or loved,” Davis shared on Instagram. “I want to show them that they are loved; that people do care; that there is hope.”

Davis, who is a Christian, missed the start of this season with a lingering groin injury, but returned on Sunday against the Seahawks and had 6 tackles in a 46-18 loss to Seattle.

To donate and be a part of Vontae Davis’ goal to help orphans, click here