Summer 2024

Former Ravens running back Ray Rice says the Bible became real to him during domestic violence counseling

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice appeared at Liberty University’s convocation today to talk to the students about domestic violence and the things that he has learned from his domestic violence incident back in 2014 that eventually led to the end of his NFL career as a member of the Baltimore Ravens.

“I’m here to help you guys out, to save lives and to be transparent,” Rice told the Liberty students. “Everything I say today is without making excuses. I will be real and honest in everything I do tell you today”

Rice wanted the students at Liberty to understand that going after your dreams and aspirations is a good thing, but to also understand that there are consequences for your decisions, sometimes big consequences that can alter your life.

“I believe you can live your dream, whatever you set your mind to you can do it. But one or two decisions in your life and your dream can become your nightmare.”

Now a Father to daughter Raven, Rice says it is vital for him to be completely open about the mistakes he’s made in order to open up dialogue and help her understand how she deserves to be treated.

“I want to be open and transparent with my daughter,” Rice said. “I know she’s going to date and grow up. I want to be able to at least have the respectful conversation and what its supposed to look like. I think about that all the time.”

Growing up in church, Rice talked about his faith in Christ and how God didn’t become real to him until he was in counseling after the domestic violence incident and his counselor, who was also a pastor, shared faith-based principles to him.

“My walk with the Lord became a lot deeper in counseling. It was the first time I really understood the Bible. The first time I understood what sacrifices meant, what forgiveness was, that someone else had suffered for us, that they really endured pain and agony. It was the first time I really understood it. In my walk with God and my faith, it’s the first time that I didn’t feel alone. It was the first time that I wasn’t afraid to ask for help. It was the first time that I actually knew it was ok to cry.”

You can watch the entire clip of Ray Rice at Liberty by clicking below.