Summer 2024

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin wants to end child sex slavery

The Pittsburgh Steelers are preparing for its toughest matchup of the season, a home game on Sunday afternoon against the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

A win for the Steelers would mean the AFC playoff picture would likely run through Pittsburgh as they look to be playing in Minneapolis in February at Super Bowl LII.

But for their coach Mike Tomlin, a cause off the field is equally as important to him as winning games on the field.

Tomlin wants to help rescue children from enslavement and help end human trafficking.


Tomlin met with folks from Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) a group made up of former law enforcement and former Navy Seals who work with local law enforcement to go undercover in some of the darkest places and help save children from slavery.

“All you have to do is be exposed to what Tim and company are doing at OUR,” Tomlin told CBN. “I spent some time praying about it and thinking about it, as did my wife and bring O.U.R out here and spend a couple days with us as a football team. God would take a hold of that and provide direction for all of us and the relationship has grown.”

Coach Tomlin says his team has rallied around the cause and seen 100% participation from the Steelers players.

“From a professional football standpoint there’s so many things, initiatives and causes going on, that in some way potentially divide someone in some corner of the room,” Tomlin said. “And the minute we presented them and the work that they’re doing to the team, it was something that unified the group. Every man was moved and it’s been 100% participation, different from man to man, obviously. And that’s a beautiful thing.”

You can read the entire story from CBN’s The 700 Club about Coach Tomlin and his work in helping raise awareness for child human trafficking by clicking here