Former NFL running back Justin Forsett travels to Puerto Rico to help hurricane victims

In May of 2017, Justin Forsett announced his retirement from the NFL here on Sports Spectrum after nine seasons and a Pro Bowl berth in 2014.

In his post-playing career, Forsett expressed how important it was for him to give back through his entrepreneurial venture, Shower Pill. Conceived by Justin and his college friends, the product was created to help athletes keep their hygiene in check.

Being able to combine his passion as a man of faith and wanting to help others, along with his business venture in Shower Pill, Forsett saw an opportunity to give back and help those that were devastated in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria and struggling with proper hygiene.

“My company does a lot of work with Disaster Relief to provide our product to those who have issues with power and water,” Forsett told Sports Spectrum. “We do this because we’re entrepreneurs who are also men of faith. We aim to leave a lasting impact in our communities that surpasses what we do in regards to revenue and profit.

Entering into a partnership with the Jack Brewer Foundation, and with the support of NFL players Arian Foster, Marshawn Lynch, Michael Strahan, Sam Acho, Golden Tate, Clint McDonald, Aaron Curry, Josh Johnson and Earl Thomas, as well as former boxing champion Andre Ward, Forsett and ShowerPill donated more than 20,000 body wipes to hurricane victims.

Forsett talked about how his faith was shaped after going into Puerto Rico and seeing the devastation.

“On the trip we met a man who was 60 years old and he lost everything,” Forsett said. “He said his Bible was one of the only things that withstood the storm. He was a man of faith and dedicates at least an hour a day to reading his Bible. His faith is the thing that keeps him going in the midst of devastation. Even though he lost a lot he had a joy, peace and fight about him that was inspiring. It was a reminder to me that in the midst of the storms in my life if I cling to Jesus and his word, He will give me everything I need to keep moving on.”

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