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Patriots' Devin McCourty relies on Jesus to help lead his family

The New England Patriots punched their ticket to Super Bowl LII by rallying past the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-20 in the AFC Championship Game.

Cornerback Devin McCourty made six tackles in the game, helping his team make their second straight Super Bowl appearance and the fourth for McCourty.

“It feels awesome,” McCourty said to ESPN after the game. “It’s supposed to be once in a lifetime, but it’s the fourth time so it’s a blessing. We got to take advantage of this opportunity. It’s not granted to you every year. We worked for it, but it means nothing if you don’t go and win it (Super Bowl LII) in two weeks.”

McCourty’s journey to another Super Bowl game was met with many roadblocks. Mainly, the loss of his father, who died of a heart attack when he was a kid. His mother Phyllis, was left to raise his twin brother Jason, and his older brother Larry alone.

“Father’s Day was always a tough one just because we always did something in school, McCourty said to CBN. “You know, it was always something for Father’s Day, whether it was draw a card in class or, you know, some type of event that included sons and fathers.”

The only memories McCourty had of his father was of his athletic achievements. His Dad was a basketball player and Devin, with his twin brother Jason, excelled in sports as a way to connect back with their father.

“I truly believe, you know, when you don’t have a ton of memories, but all you keep hearing about is how great of an athlete your father was, to me, and Jason too, sports was our connection,” McCourty said to CBN.

Excelling athletically paid off for the McCourty twins. Both played college ball at Rutgers are are currently in the NFL.

Off the field, Devin made the decision to recommit his life back to Christ after going to a Bible Study led by the team’s chaplain. Before that time, McCourty didn’t consider himself to be bad person, but knew there were things that needed to change.

“He’s talking about that guilty feeling, there’s nothing we can do to earn the right to be Christians and earn what Christ has done for us. Like you can’t earn that. You know, that’s given to you. You know, that’s His mercy. And it just happened to be the day I walked in there and went. And it was kind of everything I was feeling that I was lacking. And was like it’s right there, you know,” McCourty said to CBN.

Now with a family of his own, McCourty looks towards his Heavenly Father for guidance with his wife and daughter.

“I think as a father you just look and it’s like it’s my job, you know, to lead these two. And, you know, through God and just lead these two and be the best husband and father I can be, McCourty said to CBN.”

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