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Former NFL QB Dustin Vaughan learns about trusting in God by adopting a foster child with special needs

Former NFL quarterback Dustin Vaughan is transitioning out of the NFL.

After fighting for a roster spot on four different teams for four seasons, the former West Texas A&M graduate is now trading in his helmet and cleats for a polo and a whistle. He will be the quarterbacks coach for QB Country at the Children’s Health Andrews Institute Facility in Plano, TX.

QB Country specializes in year around quarterback training and development. They are currently training middle school, high school, college & NFL quarterbacks. It was an opportunity Vaughan couldn’t pass up.

“It just seemed like a one chance opportunity. If you are a quarterback and you specifically want to get better at the position of quarterback, we offer that here,” Vaughan said to NBC5 in Dallas.

Vaughn also couldn’t pass up an amazing opportunity to serve and give back. In 2016, while he was playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers, he was approached with the chance to foster a baby boy with special needs. Dustin and his wife Courtney agreed to adopt the boy seeing this as a chance to grow his family and be obedient to God.

“We’re called to be obedient sometimes without feeling like we’re getting something back in return,” Vaughan said. “And so this is one of those cases. I really get to see our family grow in this. And it’s something that is deeper than just doing something good, which there is nothing wrong, but sometimes you’ve got to step in a hard space and you got to trust that God’s going to provide. And that’s really where we are as we’re just in a constant state of trusting.”

The obedience has led to more growth in the family. The Vaughan’s have a newborn daughter that’s 5 months old.

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