Tim Tebow's faith-based football film 'Run The Race' inspiring audiences

There’s a new movie in theaters and inspiring audiences.

“Run The Race,” the debut film of football/baseball star Tim Tebow, centers on the unbreakable bond between brothers Zach Truett (Tanner Stine, “Indivisible”) and Dave Truett (Evan Hofer, “Lethal Weapon”), who face improbable odds in their pursuit of a better life after losing their mother to cancer and being abandoned by their alcoholic father.

Zach, the star running back at Bessemer High School, has dreams of getting the duo out of the small Southern town by earning a football scholarship to the University of Florida. Those dreams seemingly shatter when a devastating knee injury tests Truett’s perseverance, relationships and, ultimately, his faith.

“I really hope that after the audience sees ‘Run the Race’ that they go home encouraged,” Tebow said. “Not necessarily thinking that life is going to be easier, but believing that whatever they’re going through, there’s hope on the other side. That there’s a God that loves them and is with them in the highs and the lows and that when they’re going through tough times, they’re not alone.”

“Run The Race” opened in theaters Feb. 22 and had an impressive showing at the box office with $2.2 million in sales, making it the No. 1 limited-release film. The film garnered a 94 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes and will expand to more theaters this weekend.

Director Chris Dowling, Producer Darren Moorman and Executive Producers Tim and Robby Tebow teamed up for the project. Dowling is a writer, producer and director known for his work on such films as “Where Hope Grows” and “Priceless.” He spoke with Sports Spectrum last week about the movie.

“A lot of times in life when something like that traumatic happens, we go one of two ways with our faith,” Dowling said. “And one of the brothers kind of really leaned in and dove in to his faith. And the other brother Zach … he’s kind of run from it.”

After the option of a football scholarship seems to be lost, Dave Truett takes up track to try and keep the brothers’ hope of a college scholarship alive.

“Ultimately it’s about this discovery of faith, and strength through faith,” Dowling said.


Clemson’s national championship-winning coach Dabo Swinney saw the film and said it really resonated with him. “I think anybody who watches this movie will be really challenged,” Swinney said after seeing the premiere. “Because I think this movie portrays things that we all struggle with as human beings. It’s a message of hope, and a hope that comes from knowing Christ as your savior.”

“Run The Race” also stars Mykelti Williamson (Forrest Gump), Frances Fischer (Titanic), Kristoffer Polaha, Kelsey Reinhardt and Mario Van Peebles, along with former star NFL running back Eddie George.

Pastor and best-selling author Louie Giglio said he was lifted up with hope after watching the film. “I was blown away,” Giglio said. “… I felt like right now, especially where we are globally, we need hope. People need messages of hope. It’s never too late, you’re never too far down for God to do something powerful and supernatural in your life.”

To see the film, visit www.tickets.runtheracemovie.com.

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