Summer 2024

Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins and his wife Julie welcome their second child

Make room, Cooper, there’s a new addition to the Cousins household.

On Sunday, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins announced via Instagram the birth of his second child, Turner, with his wife Julie. The couple’s first child, Cooper, was born in September 2017.

Kirk, who is very vocal about his faith, shared some of his thoughts about being a father on the Sports Spectrum Podcast a year ago.

“I’ve enjoyed [fatherhood],” Cousins said. “It’s been a blessing. I couldn’t believe how fast my son has grown. If you miss a few days, on a work trip or something, and you come back, you feel like it’s a whole new kid because of how fast they grow and change.”

Cousins knows having a child is an immeasurably great gift, but also a clear calling from God to make disciples for His name. Cousins wants his children to grow up to be strong followers of Christ, and he prays that he and Julie would lean on the Lord for wisdom and discernment about how best to raise their kids.

Cousins said his 2014 marriage and the birth of their children have only helped to keep his football career from becoming the top priority in his life. Cousins, who is entering the second year of his three-year, $84 million contract with the Vikings, knows football careers have ebbs and flows. His too will one day come to an end. Cousins prefers instead to keep his eyes fixed on a greater truth.

“When it’s all said and done,” he said, “I want to stand before the Lord and have Him say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You’ve been faithful with a few things, let Me put you in charge of many.’ That’s what I want my life and my family’s life to be about, and I want my children and those who come after me to also honor the Lord.”

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