Summer 2024

6-Year-Old Golfer with One Arm Plays with Pros

Most 6-year-old boys are watching cartoons, riding their bikes, or playing games with their friends. Tommy Morrissey is not your typical 6-year-old boy.

Tommy loves to play golf.

Tommy also has just one arm.

But this young man is using his story to share hope with others. Recently, he had the opportunity to play against professional golfers in a one-arm swing-off at the PGA Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. 

Tommy won the event.

Tommy’s father Joe says his son was born without his right arm due to an in utero interruption causing the extremity not to grow below the elbow, likely due to a blood clot. Although Tommy faces challenges, he “isn’t limited physically,” his Dad told People.

“When it comes to sports and creativity, there’s no handicap! There’s nothing physically he can’t do. It’s a matter of figuring out his own version of how he’ll he do it.”

Tommy’s hope and dream is to play the sport professionally one day. His father Joe believes it can happen said says he was “born” to play golf.

“We try to foster as much support as we can with Tommy and give him the skill sets necessary to compete physically and mentally in a two-handed world, Joe said. “It just so happens my son has a strong love for the game of golf!”