Summer 2024

Striving for Perfection

“…be ye holy; for I am holy.” I Peter 1:16 (KJV)

Occasionally, as I have the time, I enjoy playing baseball on my Playstation 2.

Each time I play it, my ultimate goal is to throw a no-hitter and to never lose a game.

Another goal of mine is to “lead the league” in every category. ERA, Strikeouts, Batting Average, HR, RBI, etc. I keep check on each of those areas to see if I am number one among all teams. If I see that my team is behind in any of those areas, I do everything I can to catch up and take over the lead. You can see that I am definitely driven by a desire to be the most perfect, complete team on the game.

In my spiritual walk with the Lord, I want to be the same way. I want to be the best in prayer and the best in reading God’s word. I want to be number one in faithfulness and dedication to the Lord—number one in serving others, in my attitude and in humility. I want to have the purest thoughts and the kindest speech. But the reality is that many times I make an error. I fall behind in those areas and need the Lord’s help to overcome those sins. We may never be the best in every category of our life, but we should still have a desire to be number one in everything.

Are you driven by a desire to be the best in all you do?

By Jason Belcher

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