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Unpackin' It: College basketball analyst Clark Kellogg discusses family life, faith

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 2: Basketball analyst Clark Kellogg intreviews Nate Lubick #34 of the Georgetown Hoyas after a college basketball game against he St. John's Red Storm at the Verizon Center on February 2, 2013 in Washington, DC. The Hoyas won 59-56. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

Unpackin’ It podcast host Bryce Johnson is joined by Clark Kellogg, a CBS college basketball analyst. He played college basketball at Ohio State and in the NBA for the Indiana Pacers. He has a wife and three grown children. He joins us today to talk about basketball, faith and family. Click HERE to listen to the full interview.

BRYCE JOHNSON: Clark, thanks so much for joining us. How are you?
CLARK KELLOGG: Hey, I’m terrific Bryce, great to be with you!

BRYCE JOHNSON: What is family life like for the Kelloggs during this stage of life?
CLARK KELLOGG: Our children are all adults navigating their own lives. Our youngest is playing professional basketball in Poland, and our other two are here in Columbus, Ohio, working and moving forward in their walks of faith and adult lives. This season is blessed, but it’s a different rhythm and a different dynamic. Parenting never ends. The dynamics of it change, so we’re seeking God’s direction on how to be an example for them and also how we can encourage and pray for them and help them with what God has for them going forward. And then we’re doing the same in our own lives and in our community…how we might be used by God to impact others and reflect Him where He’s placed us.

BRYCE JOHNSON: You mentioned your son playing in Poland. What has that experience been like for him and you, being far from him? Have you been able to watch him at all?
CLARK KELLOGG: We can only track the games by live stats, so we don’t get to actually see him. There are some video clips that we can pick up on the website. It’s been interesting to watch him pursue his dream of wanting to play pro ball. There are struggles and adversity that come with that—being out of the country and having a team that’s been struggling so far in their season. Yet he seems to be firmly grounded, continuing to grow in his faith. So we’re proud of him and excited for what he’s pursuing and what he’ll learn and become through it. As a guy that played in the NBA way back in the ‘80s, I certainly understand the grind and challenge of being a pro player and it’s not easy…I’m happy to see him work his way through it for himself. And where I can be helpful, I’m always willing to. It’s kind of neat to see him and his sister and his brother figure out their own path and run their own race. My wife and I both are extremely proud of all of them for where they are and who they are.

BRYCE JOHNSON: I know basketball has always been a big part of your life, but what are some of your passions outside of basketball, and some of the activities you like to be part of in your everyday life?
CLARK KELLOGG: Well, anything that ties back to people being transformed in the image of God. Coming to know Christ is something I’m always involved in, either directly or indirectly, and usually through the platform of sports. Athletes in Action and The Fellowship of Christian Athletes are both sports ministries that my wife and I have supported on multiple levels—using the platform of sports to bring people into the saving knowledge of faith in Christ. Also, Big Brothers, Big Sisters is something we’ve tried to support either with our presence or resources—giving kids an opportunity to be their best. Sometimes it requires having adult friends and companionship with adults that care about them, so Big Brothers, Big Sisters…anything empowering people through education, particularly underserved communities. Any time we can lend our support to efforts that are about transforming lives through faith, changing lives through education, and positively influencing lives of young people through mentorship. Those are some of the things that we try to give ourselves to.

BRYCE JOHNSON: I love your heart and appreciate you sharing with us today, Clark. Enjoy the college basketball season!
CLARK KELLOGG: Bryce, it’s been a pleasure—great to be with you! As you see me talking about college hoops, those that are listening, I’d certainly appreciate you extending prayers my way for my family and I as we seek to reflect, resemble and represent Jesus Christ.

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