Summer 2024

Around the Net — 'Dude Perfect' breaks into the record books

Perfection has taken on a new name — or, at least, a new first name.

Dude Perfect, a group of five guys made famous for their YouTube channel and crazy trick shots, took their talents to an entirely new level this week.

In the video featured above, published last Monday, the gang traveled down to the new basketball facilities (and beyond) at Texas Christian University to take a shot at collection of basketball-related Guinness world records — longest blindfolded shot, longest shot with one’s head, longest blindfolded shot and longest hook shot, to name a few.

The video ends with the group attempting the highest basketball shot in history — atop a skyscraper, 533 feet in the air.

Dude Perfect, as they’ve gained national attention from professional athletes and sports news organizations alike, have remained firmly grounded in their Christian faith. On the ‘About’ page on their website, the gang expressed their ultimate mission in everything they do:

“Above all else, our ultimate goal is to glorify Jesus Christ in everything that we do. We want to use this platform for something much bigger than us.”

For more on Dude Perfect, check out their website HERE, their YouTube channel HERE, and their Facebook page HERE.