Around the Net: Top-10 NBA Draft pick fueled by prayer

As NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced the New Orleans Pelicans first pick in the draft — the sixth overall selection— Buddy Hield rose from his seat. But before he met Silver on stage, he turned to his mother — his biggest fan, his prayer warrior — and embraced her.

Throughout Hield’s time playing for the University of Oklahoma, Jackie Swann, Hield’s mother, became known for her unique antics during Sooner basketball games. Often, she would disappear from her seat. Not many people knew where she would go — except her son Buddy.

She was going to pray.

In the Bahamas, Swann raised her children — four boys and three girls — in the church, teaching them to rely on God and the power of prayer in all situations. Her Christian influence has carried over into her son’s life as well.

Just minutes after the Pelicans drafted Hield, he was asked what being drafted meant for him and his entire family:

“We couldn’t have done it without God,” Hield responded.

To read the full article from The Oklahoman, click HERE. Hield, before being drafted by the Pelicans, was named the 2016 Naismith College Player of the Year for his play at Oklahoma. Hield was the Pelicans’ only first-round pick in this year’s draft.