NFL Linebacker Brothers Help Launch Medical Center in Nigeria

Sam and Emmanuel Acho are brothers who got to live out their dream of playing professional football.

Sam (94) and Emmanuel Acho (51) – September 23, 2012, Glendale, Arizona (Photo Courtesy: Sam Acho)

Sam was selected in the 4th round of the 2011 NFL Draft by the Cardinals and played in Arizona from 2011-2014 before signing with the Bears in 2015 and playing the last two seasons in Chicago.

Emmanuel was selected in the 6th round of the 2012 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns. His career spanned four seasons with stints in Cleveland, Philadelphia and the New York Giants. Emmanuel last played in the NFL with Philadelphia in 2015.

They both achieved their dream of playing at the highest level, the NFL.

Now, they’re helping make a different dream come true.

Sam and Emmanuel Acho in Nigeria. (Photo Courtesy: Sam Acho)

Each summer, Sam and Emmanuel get to go to Nigeria for two weeks to serve people in need.

“I go with Living Hope Christian Ministries,” said Acho. “They are a non-profit my parents started about 30 years ago. We bring about 40 doctors, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists and other medical professionals to give free medical care to people who need it.”

Sam said that helping others is something he is passionate about, but he has always dreamed of opening up a facility that could assist with medical needs, especially for those living in the country that his dad grew up in, Nigeria.

“Every year is rewarding,” said Sam, “but this year especially stood out because we finally opened Living Hope Medical Center, a top-notch medical facility in the middle of the village.”

Living Hope Medical Center in Nigeria. (Photo Courtesy: Sam Acho)

“The medical center,” Sam says, “will be a mainstay in the community for years to come. Not only did we see about 5,000 patients and perform over 100 surgeries during our two week mission trip, but we also saw a dream come true. We saw our prayers answered.”

Sam said this medical facility was inspired from experiences he had during his previous trips to Nigeria. It began with prayer and believing God could do an amazing work in helping to serve those in need.

“Last year we prayed that God would do a mighty work,” said Acho. “This year our dream came true. World, meet Living Hope Medical Center.”

Well done, Sam and Emmanuel. Well done indeed.